Fresh thinking on expense management

We help great companies reduce expenses and increase profitability

Expense Management Analysts work with companies and corporations each and every day to reduce costs. Any savings we create, translates straight to their bottom line. Our analysts work collaboratively which means we bring all our knowledge, data and purchasing power to each and every project that we undertake.

We maintain metrics on each completed project. The highest saving achieved in 2011, across all expenditure was 53%. The average saving achieved for our customers was 22.3%. 

We believe in partnership and we like to think we work as a member of your team. Our unparalleled knowledge of the marketplace means that you pay the right price for the product and services required to run your business. We like results and we're so confident we can save your business money, we work on a no savings - no fee basis, simple as that!

Further scope exists to cut costs within SMEs, rather than jobs

There’s still considerable scope for Irish companies to cut costs rather than jobs. That’s the claim made by John Milne, managing director of Expense Management Analysts.

So far in 2012, we’ve achieved an average expense saving of € 17,500 per project. In many cases that’s the difference between profit and loss for an SME and we’re encouraging companies to take a further forensic look at costs before they take the decision to make a employee redundant’, says John Milne, Managing Director.

Milne, a former managing director of Ricoh Ireland, NRG Group and Gestetner Ireland founded Expense Management Analysts in 2009 with a mission to help businesses and organisations reduce overheads and expenses. The company’s clients come from a broad range of sectors, which include manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare, retail, legal and financial, not for profit, education and government. Read the media release here.



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